I am Aurel Tirnovanu and I provide front-end and marketing services for both individuals and businesses. Hire me to improve your online presence.


So, here's what I do

  • I design

    Your brand is your business. It's about feelings and thoughts. I design unique, custom-made web solutions that work. Seeking a balance between form and functionality for me is essential in products, objects, graphics, web or interactive applications.

  • I code

    I specialise in responsive front-end design, HTML/CSS and web typography. Which means I usually build the things I design, though I don't build things designed by others. My goal is to perfect the end-user experience one pixel at a time, and provide solutions for clients through thoughtful ideas that translate into designs that last.

  • I research

    The future is in the continuous engagement of the user with the product, at all time and at all places. The constraints are important, the challenges are huge and the evolutions is fast.

  • I improve

    A focus on finding and designing solutions that are beautiful, functional and technical. I'd like to apply my skills and knowledge to any venture that would give me the opportunity to reach a common goal while broadening my horizon.


And how I do it


During the initial stage of a project, the client provides a clearly developed brief. Through both creative concepting and technical discovery, the brief is thoroughly addressed. The discovery phase takes place along-side the client to set a clear foundation for the project.


After the discovery phase, a final creative and technical direction is developed. Prototypes are created while mechanics and behaviors are refined. The concept and creative execution are exhaustively explored.


In the final phase, all pages defined in the Pre-Production Document (PPD) are executed. This includes tasks such as programming, animation and asset production. Assets and behaviors are continuously polished until the site enters a testing phase.


I create static websites, Wordpress and OpenCart View all

AT-DEVELOPMENT was born out of pure love for digital craftsmanship and desire to make quality things that works.

Hire me !

  • Creativity
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Research
  • Involvment

About me

Few things worth knowing

Aurel Tirnovanu is a front-end developer specialized in concepting, art direction, design and technical realization. My work spans across all mediums and platforms, using technologies like CSS, HTML5, jQuery. I do use, depending of project, pre-build frameworks (Zurb Foundation, Bootstrap). Having like 4 years back-end development background allows me to build upon Wordpress, OpenCart and also create custom solutions for clients.

I do like painting(oil), I enjoy a good beer and a good talk. I'm not using Mac, instead I'm running Mint.

Aurel Tirnovanu


Latest work experiences

2010 - present

Freelancer at AT-Development

Crafting web solutions for different companies and individuals. Also consulting and doing SEO optimization for different companies.

2011 - 2013

Front-end Developer at GruppoPragma

Working for an agency that was a major test GruppoPragma primarily due to differences in mentality, communication, ways to solve customer problems at the same time was an evolutionary step for me leading to a better understanding of the needs but and a wide viewing built into every aspect of website design.

Responsibilities, I dealt with the creation of static and dynamic websites, Facebook applications and development on new platforms like OpenCart.

2005 - 2009

Lead web & mobile developer at ECSO&EXO

Working in a company as ECSO&EXO opened new horizonts into my career. I started as web developer and finished as WMobile application developer.

Main role was to create and maintain the interoperability between mobile application and the website, processing real-time data aquired from airplane sensors. The integrated system was presented first time at Regional Research Center of Galati, RO - 2008.


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